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The last thing you want to worry about is whether or not your properties are clean.

What We Offer

Residential Cleaning

Regular home cleaning or an emergency? We know nothing compares with a clean home and nothing really stands in our way to reach you, in order to satisfy the highest demands. Enjoy more free time because for now, free time is just for you and not to do home cleaning! European Cleaning Services Calgary offers furniture cleaning, luminaires washing; washing windows on the inside, carpets, sills and blinds; removing dust from furniture with antistatic solutions; cleaning of office and household appliances; cleaning of switches, sockets, doors; mechanized washing of carpets and tapestries; washing and cleaning of hard surfaces (sandstone, marble, linoleum, mosaic); washing and disinfecting kitchens and sanitary groups, disposing garbage and replacing household bags, ventilating and odorizing the rooms. Request a free estimate today!

Commercial Cleaning

A successful business is defined by the image and clean environment in which the customers are welcomed. For European Cleaning Services Calgary is very simple, we have the experience of cleaning / maintenance of large locations and we have automated cost-control systems that will considerably reduce the costs of maintaining the locations; we only work with modern automated machines and have the latest generation of working techniques. This activity will be carried out according to a schedule of works previously established. The cleaning can be done before, during or after the business regular hours. Request a free estimate today!

Auto Dealership Cleaning

An auto dealership is more than just a place where you promote your products or services; it is the mirror of your business. An airy, clean and impeccably arranged space can tell a lot about how you want to do your business, so we come to meet you with the perfect cleaning services. European Cleaning Services offers green cleaning that is healthy for your office and safe for the environment. We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to answer your calls. Request a free estimate today!

Party & event Cleaning

For any type of events: exhibitions, trade fairs, festive events or parties, whether organized internally or externally, European Cleaning Services Calgary provides you with complete professional cleaning services. The experience in this field brings us among the first companies that offer you: cleaning services necessary for the preparation of the space (before the event); daily assistance throughout the period of the activities; post-event cleaning; collection and disposal of garbage. Request a free estimate today!

Carpet/Tile Cleaning

Stains? Traces? Smears? Trust our experience in the field and the quality that accompanies all of our services and you will find that dirt is just a myth. Unpleasant stains and odors are treated with professional, biodegradable products, disinfecting the surface to clean even the most powerful dirt; extraction equipment provides perfect finish and hygiene for your carpet as well as a considerable improvement of the air in your home. The carpet cleaning method will only be chosen after a thorough evaluation. This will be according to the nature of the fabric, the degree of dirt, the working surface, and its support on the floor. Request a free estimate today!

Fitness Centers Cleaning 

Due to a large transit of people and physical activity in a gym, everyone worries about cleanliness. In such an environment, keeping hygiene is absolutely necessary. By choosing products suitable for surface maintenance and disinfection of the environment, toilets and dressing rooms, our cleaning team will prove professional, managing to improve the customer’s opinion on the respective room and at the same time their loyalty. Request a free estimate today!

Seasonal Cleaning Company

Seasonal cleaning gives you headaches? Seasonal weather means new beginnings outdoors and indoors. Call us for special spring cleaning and fall cleaning services to help you clean and sanitize your home/office. We ensure the adaptation of services according to necessities, rapid execution, disinfection, and sanitation of the home. Request a free estimate today!

School Cleaning Company 

One of the most important criteria that parents take into consideration when assessing schools is the quality of cleaning services. The experience and knowledge in the field of materials and cleaning materials has helped us to meet the highest standards of cleanliness. The products used by our company are professional, best in quality and respect the environment, which attracts the appreciation of our clients. Our program is flexible and can fit perfectly into the cleaning services desired by an educational facility. Request a free estimate today!

Day Cares Cleaning 

A clean and hygienic environment is essential for children of a young age to develop properly and not suffer from various diseases or develop allergies. Perfect cleaning means: purifying the air, ecologically cleaning the rooms, vacuum, cleaning and sanitizing any surface. European Cleaning Services Calgary offers cleaning and sanitizes surfaces such as tiles, mosaic, granite, parquet, windows, furniture, mattresses, curtains, toilets, including the toys.

Our staff members are carefully selected, without criminal records, trained in the field of various cleaning procedures. We work with ecological cleaners and ecological detergents only. Request a free estimate today!

We will provide you with the pleasure of walking into a freshly cleaned and healthy home and to do it in a way that is safe for you, your family, your pets and the environment!

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